Energy-efficient heat pumps

TEON heating systems extract heat from a natural resource such as groundwater, ground or air, raise it to the required temperature and transfer it to the heating system, using a small amount of electricity. This makes it possible to heat with an energy-efficient and entirely sustainable system.


At TEON, we have developed and patented innovative high-temperature, high-efficiency heat pumps to offer a new way of producing heat from a renewable source. Our exclusive Water Blaze® technology maximises the recovery of heat power from the natural source to be transferred to the heating system at any temperature up to and beyond 80°C.


Heating is the primary cause of pollution in cities, well above traffic. With heat pumps we eliminate on-site polluting emissions of gas boilers through the use of clean, inexhaustible and free natural sources (water, ground, air) and the use of natural refrigerants, which are more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Thanks to the technology developed, TEON heat pumps work with maximum efficiency even at 80°C. They produce heating, domestic hot water, and summer cooling if required. There is no need to modify the system and traditional radiators with costly and intrusive renovation works.


Heat pump heating systems are inherently safer than gas boiler systems, because they do not burn fossil fuels. Eliminating the risk of natural gas or oil leakage, and deleting any on-site emissions not only increases safety, but also our health.

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Your benefits

Switching from a gas, oil or LPG boiler to a TEON heat pump powered by a natural source such as groundwater, ground or air has resulted in savings of up to 70% on your energy bill and may benefit from available incentives.


You can break free from on gas or other fossil fuels “addiction” and produce sustainable heating using the natural source. Energy autonomy can be maximised if the electricity consumed is produced by on-site installations such as photovoltaic panels.


Replacing a gas boiler with a TEON heat pump results in a significant improvement in energy class, thanks to which you can increase the value of your property.

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