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How much can you save?

TEON heat pumps in the Residential Domestic range use for the most part heat extracted from natural, inexhaustible and free sources such as broad geothermal energy or air. Only about 20÷25% of the heat offered to the system is electrical absorption. Thanks to the technology developed, they ensure savings ranging from 50% compared to natural gas boilers, up to 70% for oil, LPG or BTZ boilers, also depending on the contractual price levels of the commodities in the relative country.
Compared to natural gas on average
compared to lpg on average
compared to oil on average

Why are they good for you and the environment?

Today, heating boilers are the main source of pollution in urban areas, far above traffic. Boilers in fact burn fossil fuel (gas, oil, LPG) or biomass to produce heat, and they do it right where you live. With the heat pumps in the Residential Domestic range, no combustion takes place: no fuel is burnt, no fine dust or carbon dioxide  are emitted where you live.

The heat pump is a more efficient technology than the boiler because it does not 'produce' thermal energy by burning fuel, but 'extracts' it from nature (air, water and ground) using electricity efficiently. To make 100 units of heat energy available in the room, a boiler must burn approx. 120 units of chemical energy of fossil fuel or biomass. High-temperature heat pumps, on the other hand, use only 20÷25 units of electrical energy (with zero on-site emissions) and recover the rest from the environment.
TEON heat pumps use natural refrigerants and not fluorinated gases (F-Gas) or HFOs (bearing the consequences of PFAS), which are highly climate-altering. Furthermore, they operate at extremely low pressures compared to conventional heat pumps, ensuring maximum safety, reliability and durability. This implies minimal machine maintenance.

How do they integrate into large building systems?

TEON heat pumps in the centralised range for large buildings can be installed on any type heating (or even cooling) system.This means that they fit perfectly with classic radiators, providing temperatures up to 80°C when required They do not necessarily require an underfloor system or an increase in radiant surface area, avoiding costly and intrusive renovations.

At the same time they can be installed on fan coil heaters (fancoils) where summer cooling is produced in addition to heating.

If the building is equipped with a photovoltaic system, TEON heat pumps optimise its use, further reducing the energy bill.

The Products

The Residential Domestic range includes models with a nominal heat output of 10 and 30 kWt, which can use groundwater (or any surface aquifer), ground or air as a natural energy source, in Water, Ground and Air versions respectively. They are designed to raise the temperature up to 80°C and are temperature sliding to optimise efficiency in all weather conditions. Heat is extracted from these sources via open loop boreholes or closed loop probes, or via an air unit. This product range is intended for residential heating of small volumes, but also for DHW production with priority or simultaneous function; moreover, thanks to the high temperatures that can be reached, it is able to operate anti-legionella thermal shocks without the aid of electric resistances.
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T10, T30 e T60 si adattano perfettamente a un utilizzo con i classici termosifoni, fornendo una temperatura sino a 80°C quando richiesto. Non è quindi necessario spendere in ristrutturazioni onerose di tutto l’impianto di riscaldamento e dei terminali. Un’altra differenza consiste nel refrigerante termovettore: T10 e T30 non usano F-GAS o HCFC (ovvero i comuni R134A- R410A-R417A) banditi per la loro tossicità e l’effetto climalterante, bensì refrigeranti naturali.
T10, T30 e T60 possono essere utilizzate anche con il riscaldamento a pavimento a bassa temperatura e con prestazioni amplificate.
Se presente un impianto fotovoltaico con eventuale accumulo, le pompe di calore TEON aumentano la loro efficienza, poiché possono utilizzare al meglio l’energia elettrica autoprodotta.

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