Advanced solutions for building air conditioning

TEON heat pumps with patented Water Blaze® technology are high temperature and high efficiency. They extract heat from a natural, renewable resource such as groundwater, ground or air and deliver it to the heating system – and domestic hot water and cooling – at any temperature required, from 5° C up to 95° C.

TEON high temperature heat pumps can be installed in detached houses, as well as in large residential buildings and apartment blocks, offices, commercial buildings, companies and industrial sites.


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Innovative solutions for building air conditioning

The market defines high-temperature heat pumps as technologies that can reach a maximum temperature of 65°C, suitable for radiant and underfloor heating but ineffective in providing continuity to systems where constant temperatures above 60°C are required, such as cast iron, steel or aluminium radiators in the home.

The high thermal performance of TEON solutions makes them compatible with existing radiator systems – so they do not have to be replaced – but also with small and large production processes using hot water up to 80°C and/or cold water down to 5°C.

With a TEON heat pump, not only do you cut your energy bill, but you increase the value of your property and eliminate any pollutant emissions from the boiler where you live.

TEON heat pumps use groundwater (Water version) or ground (Ground version) as their main natural source, or air (Air version) where climatic conditions ensure superior and constant efficiency throughout the year.

The TEON heat pump is designed to raise the temperature to over 90°C and is equipped with a sliding temperature control to optimise efficiency in all climatic conditions.

Raising the heat to the required temperature occurs through one or more compressors, powered by electricity, which, if produced from renewable sources, makes the system completely sustainable.

In their reversible version, called ‘RT’, TEON heat pumps also produce cooling, thus obtaining a thermal power station that integrates the function of a boiler and a cooling unit in a single solution.


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